With backgrounds in arts, fashion and interior design Artem Kolyuka bring a multidisciplinary set of skill and style to the furniture & lighting world as Next Level Studio.

Since the first collaboration in early 2014 with production partner  Nicolai Savin, who had 15 years experience of furniture manufacturing. They have designed and manufactured exclusive high end pieces for the trade market throughout Ukraine and then spread Worldwide.

In 2015, they launched Next Level Studio, a industrial and contemporary line of furniture and lighting fixtures.

Their production based in western Ukraine, an area known for its woodworking skills. All Next Level Studio’s pieces are handmade in their Uzhgorod Studio in Ukraine. This enables to oversee the entire production process and pay attention to every single detail. All production are made to order what allow a big variety of wood and LED color combinations.


Over the past 3 years, Next Level Studio has built a large-scale lighting fixtures focusing on on timeless, sustainable design.

Next Level Studio believes that each piece conceived, designed, and produced should be just perfect.



“I think everything around can inspire creative person. As for me – some times its just flashes of in my mind. Then I start to draw all ideas that come to me.

One of the first chandelier, as I remember, was inspired by impressive cosmic and space traveling story from “Interstellar” movie by 2014. Was it Tars(robot from this movie) or just overall space objects beauty –  it hard to determine now. In my childhood I had big and colorful astronomy encyclopedia and was always under impression of a beauty of some nebulas and galactic overall look. My favorite was “Pillars of Creation”.

Creating chandeliers we use mostly wood and some metal parts like suspension kits. At the moment we are implementing color resin – of course space colors. In the future we plan also to use stone and and cast some metals elements for the chandelier parts. I love to play with new materials and always look for something new just don’t have enough time to examine all them. I decide to do it one by one.”- Artem Kolyuka